Graffiti in Hafnerriegel

I live in a crazy block of flats called Hafnerriegel (

It is run entirely by students.

On most floors as one walks up the stairs, Graffiti is painted on the walls. But most if it is a different kind of Graffiti than one might expect, some of it is not.

I took some photos. I think some are good and some are completely crap but I put them on anyway so you get a feel for what its like to walk around this block of flats. Click below to goto the gallery, it has a slideshow function.

Graffiti in Hafnerriegel 53, Graz, Austria

I was going to put the images in ascending order, taken as walking from the ground up, but they got mixed up, so the order is unspecified.

Two Graffiti's are mine, its easy to guess which two.

And yes, now I have Gallery 2 installed so you can checkout my albums.


Hey, I really like your

Hey, I really like your pictures of Hafnerriegel. Reminds my of a very cool time there, though I could never get enough sleep and the room was ridiculously tiny. Greetings to Graz, Chris
(Actually, I also spent some time at IGI though "cool" is probably not the first word that comes to my mind when describing this experience :-)

Barcelona pics are cool. I'm

Barcelona pics are cool. I'm not sure I'd say I was "into" urban-art, and I don't think Hafnerriegel has such great art. But for sure I would agree that graffiti can be beautiful, for example, checkout some of for some really cool stuff from some amazingly talented people.

I am indeed still in Austria, but I'm currently undecided as to the extent that life is different here from in the UK.


Got to your blog via Mat's.

Got to your blog via Mat's. Liked the whole graffitis on the wall thing. I see you are into this whole urban art thing. Tell me what you think about these:

I took 'em in Barcelona last year.

You still in Austria? How's life there? We also visited Switzerland. Such a different life, huh? ;)

Well... nuf for now. Take care, man.

Cool. liked the mosquito one

Cool. liked the mosquito one

hey just throwing out

hey just throwing out another comment to see how you are doing.

i pointed a friend of mine to your blog, and i think his exact words were "jesus christ that guy is a god damn genius".

cool pics from your flat. throw me an e-mail or a blog post sometime.

enjoy yourself and be safe.

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