This is the personal website of Ashley Mills, and contains a mixture of personal musings as well as links to professional content. Please feel free to explore this website at your leisure..

Latest content

Tuesday, 10 Jul, 2018, Full CV, 20 mins, cv
Wednesday, 8 Mar, 2017, Pollution monitoring on the cheap?, 15 mins, article
Monday, 13 Feb, 2017, What is Evoart?, 10 mins, article

NOTE: I am currently in the process of migrating this site from an old Drupal deployment. Not all content is yet available. All previous content will re-appear in the next couple of months.


This section contains an overview of my professional activities, and the services I can offer to others.


This section contains digital and non-digital art I have produced as well as photographic material and poems.


Articles in this section are aimed at helping people connect with themselves, others, and nature in a loving way.


This section contains various mathemetical proofs I have completed, as well as transcription of some Eudlidean materials.


This section contains articles focused around my encounters with nature. I have a particular interest in mushrooms and forests.


Links to my programming tutorials and libraries as well as a web based Java befunge interpreter.